Celebrating Darnell Anderson

Mrs. Akhand says:
It was a pleasure watching you grow over the years.  Listening to you talk about your football games was a treat.  And watching you share with enjoyment and excitement was a pleasure.  Your competitiveness moved into the classroom when we would play games.  I didn’t think anyone could handle 10 Bingo boards.  And Hangman was always an adventure with you being the spokesperson for your team.  The games were fun and you would get everyone riled up.  You’re always willing to try something new even in uncertainty.  Who knew you had the knack for acting?!  I thoroughly enjoyed you doing different voices for the different characters when reading in class, it added that extra punch to what we were doing.  I will miss your stories of what happened to you during your school day and how it was a travesty.  Mostly about the yellow folders and how your 2020 Spanish horoscope was not going to come true.  Best of luck to you! Continue to grow and shine!  I will miss having you in class.