Celebrating Jalen Achilles

Mrs. Homich says:
I can’t even imagine the hole that will be left in the heart of UP when Jalen leaves us for LaRoche. One of the things I love best about Jalen is her activist spirit and her willingness to stand up and speak out. We don’t always agree about what she is speaking out about, but I have faith that she always has the best of intentions. She extends herself for others, always looking for opportunities to engage the community – at UP and city-wide. When she was feeling overwhelmed by her own schoolwork, she still made time to mentor a middle school student. When she was working with A Plus Schools on a new vision of what education should look like in the City of Pittsburgh, she extended that work in her junior research project. J and I have had so many disagreements, so many arguments – most of them about her working hard to fulfill her boundless potential. I know that Jalen’s future is bright. And I know that Pittsburgh’s future will be made brighter because of Jalen’s courage to speak truth to power. J – you are almost there. Dig deep, make it to the finish. All of us (yes, all of us) are cheering for you to get yourself across that line!