What does
Your Way UP mean?

It means that just like our students, the definition of success
is uniquely different from person-to-person.

At Urban Pathways, we want our students to find their  pathway to success and that’s why we encourage them to push past challenges and grow as individuals and adults.

The mutual respect that’s felt between the staff and students and our students to their peers helps build meaningful relationships that foster a safe environment for our Urban Pathways school community to evolve and prosper.

We understand that every student has their own passions and interests and rather than pushing them down a pre-decided path, we empower and uplift them to take advantage of our activities and opportunities.

From student-led clubs to helping plan for life after Urban Pathways, our students have the resources they need to realize the bright future that’s ahead of them.

Are you ready to discover
Your Way UP?

Creating Individual
Pathways to Success

We’ve built “Pathways” into our name because we firmly believe that every student has a future-ready pathway to success. Our staff works side-by-side with students to help them realize their potential and to create personalized education plans that we routinely assess in relation to their progress toward attainment of their individual objectives.

College Readiness and Post-Secondary Planning

At Urban Pathways, we love to share our students’ successes. That’s why we’ve created our Graduation Tree to commemorate and celebrate our students’ post-graduation plans. Each student that enrolls into college or a trade school gets to share their accomplishment on a leaf of the tree. To see the tree in real life, click here.

Outside of the day-to-day school responsibilities, every student wants the flexibility to choose from a number of activities and opportunities so they can pick their path and plan for their future. It’s for these reasons that we offer our students the following resources to help them get ready for life after graduation.


Hands-on experience is invaluable, and that’s why we work with local employers in a variety of industries to give our students the chance to intern at a company.

Financial Aid

We’ve created financial aid workshops to educate our students and their families who are getting ready to attend college or a career school.

Career Fair

We open our doors every April to local employers and recruiters to meet with and provide our students with information on employment opportunities.

College Visits

We want our students to find the right fit after graduation so we schedule campus visits to give them the chance to see first-hand a variety of colleges and universities.

From job shadowing to internships and a number of student-led clubs to choose from, we like to keep our students busy by offering plenty of opportunities and activities that empower them to find their unique path to success!
Job Shadowing

We work with local employers around the city to give our students the chance to experience what a day-in-the-life looks like in a particular career of their interest.

College Fair

Every October, we invite representatives from various colleges to join us for a college fair to help our students plan for their post-secondary education.

Discover Your Way UP at Urban Pathways!

Our school is uniquely positioned in a vibrant, urban environment with direct access to public transportation that provides opportunities for our students.


Our students aren’t just names on a class roster. They are what makes Urban Pathways the vibrant school that it is today.
An UPlifting Environment

The safe and encouraging environment of our school is a credit to the meaningful relationships that are rooted in mutual respect between our teachers and students and our students with their classmates.

Every student is valued and thanks to our small class sizes, our teachers can UPlift our students by providing them with the mentoring and counseling they need and deserve to better themselves academically as well as in their personal lives.

At Urban Pathways, we give our students the opportunity to take responsibility for creating their pathway to success.

We empower our students to let their guards down and use their voices to talk through problems, discuss challenges, and create action plans to achieve their goals. Our students have access to activities and resources like our student-led clubs to help them explore their passions and interests.

An Empowered Past, Present and Future

The environment of empowerment doesn’t stop there. At Urban Pathways, we want our students to take pride in their culture and their past, and that’s why we integrate African-American history throughout our year-long curriculum empowering students to embrace and appreciate who they are.

Our location in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh gives our students the chance to connect with the local, urban community around us and create opportunities that illuminate their pathway to success beyond our classrooms.