Students at UPCS are required to wear uniforms.

The mission of Urban Pathways 6-12 Charter School (UPCS) is to help every child find a pathway that leads toward a successful adult life in the city environment and beyond. Our school has a well-defined dress code in order to educate our students about presenting themselves as professional and competent citizens and employees. It is our goal and desire to have UPCS students look and act professionally as they move forward.

Clothing ItemRequired or OptionalNotes
ShirtsRequiredSolid collared white, blue, green, or black; tucked in and buttoned; clean pressed. No stripes, patterns, words, or decorations. Uniform shirts from last year that have the UPCS emblem on them are always permitted. Tank tops are not permitted.
UndershirtOptionalSolid white or black tee shirts that do not show under or past sleeves.
Pants, Skirts, or JumpersRequiredKhaki, black or navy. Dress pants (no spandex, denim, or similar material allowed) worn at the waist. Skirts cannot be more than 2 inches above the knee.
SweatersOptionalSolid white, blue, green, or black. No hoods, stripes, patterns, words, decorations, or outdoor/winter jackets.
BeltOptionalBelts less than two inches wide with no ornamentation or studs, worn at the waist. Belt buckles must be no more than 3” wide.
ShoesRequiredShoes must have a closed heel and toe. No sandals. No slippers or moccasin style shoes. Boots, athletic footwear and tennis shoes are permitted in solid black or all white color in color only. Heels under 2” tall.
JewelryOptionalShould not present a safety concern.
HeadgearOptionalNo hats, bandanas, picks, combs, brushes, or other such grooming items are permitted to be in one’s hair or used in the classroom or cafeteria. Headbands in solid colors cannot exceed two inches in width. Full head coverings cannot be worn, except for religious reasons.