Celebrating Justice Boyd

Ms. Morris says:

What can be said about Justice Boyd that has not already been said by many others before me?  He is such a strong student and pushes us all to be better teachers.  He is always asking the tough questions and wanting to know more about the subject.  Justice is constantly challenging everyone he meets to think more deeply about a topic and for them to question and find the truth.  It is not uncommon for Justice to be found going above and beyond on Physics simulations just to learn more about why things behave the way they do in the world around us in order to quench his never ending thirst for knowledge.

Thank you for always being so curious about the world around you, Justice.  Thank you also for always being able and willing to help your fellow classmates understand and appreciate the material as much as you do.  No matter what you do in life, none of us doubt that you will do everything in your power to master that skill or field.  You make all of us so proud to be able to say we were your teachers.  Good luck in all your future endeavors.  You will be greatly missed at UPCS.