Online Application 

A separate form is needed for each child.  Completion of this form is not a guarantee of acceptance.  In the event that there are more applications received than space, the school will hold a lottery during a public meeting. 

The charter school complies with applicable laws regarding non-discrimination in admission policies and practices.

This is not the application for the k-5 school. If you’d like to apply to the K-5 please visit their website or call the school for more information on their application process

Admissions Policy and Criteria

Charter schools are public schools. As the charter school law requires, all students, regardless of ability or disability, are welcome to attend Urban Pathways. 

Prospective students will have to visit the school where they will have the opportunity to see first hand what Urban Pathways is like and interact with both staff and students.

Prospective students and their families will be provided with written information describing the school's practices and expectations.

Interested students will need to complete a simple application form that includes name, address, and what grade they will have finished at the close of the current school year.

All students who have completed the application, regardless of their performance, ability or disability, will be eligible for admission to Urban Pathways.

The Board of Trustees will set a date for a lottery each year. In the event that there are more applications received by the lottery date that there is space at any given level, students will be selected in the following preference category order:

  1. Siblings of enrolled students at the school who reside in the PPS district;
  2. Children who reside in the PPS district;
  3. Children who reside elsewhere in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

If there are more children in a given preference category than there are slots remaining, a random drawing will be held. Children not selected in the lottery will be randomly placed on a numbered waiting list separated by preference category. Other children may be added to the end of the waiting list (in the appropriate preference category) at any time.

Between the lottery date and the close of the following school year vacancies at the school will be filled from the waiting list.

Print out and submit this application, or call 412-392-4601 to request a copy, or apply online with the form above.