Bus Pass

Because of our location in downtown Pittsburgh, Urban Pathways students have access to public transportation and are provided with a free Port Authority bus pass if they live in the Pittsburgh Public School District.
Please review our transportation guidelines below:

The student’s district of residence determines the student’s transportation:

Students that live less than two miles from the school are typically considered walkers.

For students who live in the Pittsburgh Public School District (PPS):

PPS issues Connect Cards for most students who live two or more miles from the school. Urban Pathways receives these Connect Cards from the Port Authority at the beginning of the year.

Students must be in attendance on the day that the Connect Cards are distributed in order to receive the Connect Card; no other person can sign for the Connect Card other than the student.

If the student was absent on the day the Connect Cards were distributed, they may report to the office at 3:15 p.m. the next day to sign for their card. Students will keep the same Connect Card for the entire school year.

The cards are reloaded monthly, as long as the student is still a resident in their PPS transportation area.

If a student loses or damages the Connect Card, or if it’s stolen:

They can request a replacement card from the office for a $5 fee. Students are responsible for arranging transportation if they do not have the Connect Card they were issued.

Students who lose their Connect Card can be given one bus ticket to get home.

Urban Pathways will provide one bus ticket per semester to students who lose their Connect Card.

For students who live in school districts that provide bus passes:

For students living in any other school district, students must contact their home school district for lost or stolen transportation cards.

Currently, these districts issue passes directly to students: Wilkinsburg and Steel Valley.

Please note that the procedures are determined by the individual districts and can change at any time.

Districts that provide school buses and vans:

Many districts provide physical transportation home. These buses and vans often serve multiple schools. Students must be on the bus and ready to go on time at the end of the day.

Currently, these districts provide buses or vans to students: Carlynton, Penn Hills, Sto-Rox, West Allegheny, and Woodland Hills.

Please note that the procedures are determined by the individual districts, and can change at any time.

Parents may have to contact their home district prior to the beginning of the school year to complete transportation registration and to receive a bus stop/van assignment.

For students who ride school buses and vans:

Students can request a bus ticket home from school for legitimate school-sponsored events and activities. This includes approved club meetings, office hours, tutoring, and sporting events for team members. This does not apply to detention.

Students who are assigned detention are responsible for making arrangements to get home.

To request a bus ticket, the student must get a note from the supervising adult of the activity and bring it to the office before 4:15 p.m.