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We are UPCS

Urban Pathways is a tuition-free public charter school that focuses on giving every student the chance to find their pathway to success in the classroom and beyond. Our staff works to form meaningful relationships and uplift our students by providing individualized attention through smaller class sizes, lower student-to-teacher ratios (12:1), and supervised after-school activities.


our approach

12:1 Student Ratio
Provides students with personalized attention
99% Graduation Rate
For the class of 2018
$6.68 million
Total scholarships offered to the class of 2018

I’ve noticed such a change in my son since he started at Urban Pathways. When he was at his last school, he struggled to pay attention because of the distractions in the classroom. Now, thanks to the smaller class sizes and individualized attention, he’s able to focus and has improved his grades.

Hellen Jackson - Mother

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Our school is uniquely positioned in a vibrant, urban environment with direct access to public transportation that provides opportunities for our students to engage with local businesses and non-profit organizations. Your Way Up is at Urban Pathways where we’ve created a safe and supportive atmosphere that welcomes challenges that lead to continual growth in our students.


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