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  • Celebrating Jamaica Johnson

    Celebrating Jamaica Johnson

    Mrs. Ferguson says: Wow! It’s hard to believe that Jamaica just started this school year because she has made such a huge impact on her teachers, staff, and peers in such a short amount of time. Our hopes as educators are that students will walk their own path, be independent thinkers, and strive for excellence.…

  • Celebrating De’Jour Johnson

    Celebrating De’Jour Johnson

    Mr. Claggett says: I have had the distinct pleasure of working with this gentleman and his family since Middle School. Dejour is one of the last in a long line of Urban Pathways family members who have come through the doors, and by far my favorite. It seems like just yesterday when you were making…

  • Celebrating Mya Swain

    Celebrating Mya Swain

    Mrs. Homich says: I was surprised in January of junior year when Mya Swain said that she was going to compete in our school’s Poetry Out Loud competition. As long as I’ve known her I have been impressed with the depth of her thinking and her intensity, as well as her sense of humor. (I…

  • Celebrating Christopher Ransom

    Celebrating Christopher Ransom


  • Celebrating Ronjanae Stevens

    Celebrating Ronjanae Stevens

    Mrs. Kelley says: When I think of Ronjanae I think of someone with wisdom and maturity beyond her years. Every time Ronjane speaks, she speaks with impact. There is deep thought and wisdom behind her words whether in class or outside of class. Although I had Ronjanae in English class, it was outside of the…

  • Celebrating Aaliyah Jemison

    Celebrating Aaliyah Jemison

    Mrs. Kelley says: For two years I have had the joy of having Aaliyah Jemison in my first period class. Every morning she would greet me with sincerity and a smile. It was always a great way to start my day. She was always one of the first students in class way before the bell would…