Celebrating Aaliyah Jemison

Mrs. Kelley says: For two years I have had the joy of having Aaliyah Jemison in my first period class. Every morning she would greet me with sincerity and a smile. It was always a great way to start my day. She was always one of the first students in class way before the bell would ring, usually before 8:03. Then she would be nervous that if she took 2 minutes to run to her locker for something she forgot that she would be late. Then she would immediately be in her seat and complete her classwork. Aaliyah is always so motivated to complete her work to the best of her ability. During class she would raise her hand, listen while you were speaking, and simply be polite. She was always so polite and treated others with respect. If there was someone in need, she would always lend a helping hand. I don’t ever recall having to confront Aaliyah for anything. Aaliyah was always on the Panther PATH and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we loved her for that! She has a true eagerness to learn and do better than she did the day before. She is someone who truly cares about her education. Her combined drive for success and artistic ability is going to take her far is life.