Celebrating Mya Swain

Mrs. Homich says:
I was surprised in January of junior year when Mya Swain said that she was going to compete in our school’s Poetry Out Loud competition. As long as I’ve known her I have been impressed with the depth of her thinking and her intensity, as well as her sense of humor. (I will always treasure the sonnet that she wrote about how much I was stressing her out.) However, at the time of POL, I also thought of her as more quiet and less likely to put herself in the spotlight. Now I know Mya better, after seeing her step up and win the UP slot at the regional competition for two years in a row. I am so glad that Mya has plans to become a teacher. We all know how much more African American representation is needed in the field, and I am certain that Mya will be both nurturing and demanding in her mission to educate kids. She will quietly but resolutely advocate for what they need to be successful. I can’t wait to see how Mya puts her mark on the world, and I hope I get to work alongside her in the future.