Celebrating Jamaica Johnson

Mrs. Ferguson says:

Wow! It’s hard to believe that Jamaica just started this school year because she has made such a huge impact on her teachers, staff, and peers in such a short amount of time. Our hopes as educators are that students will walk their own path, be independent thinkers, and strive for excellence. Jamaica exhibits every characteristic of being an exceptional student. Not only is she serious about her academics, but she has also made a tremendous impact on the school community.

Jamaica was an active school representative of the Downtown Safety Coalition. She also made her mark in the academic community by performing her eloquent poetry at different events throughout the City of Pittsburgh. Before the pandemic, Jamaica was collaborating with the leaders of the Jewish Community Center. She was in the last phase of directing the school play that she wrote at the JCC (Jewish Community Center).

Jamaica took her education seriously. She maintained perfect attendance for the entire school year. I remember a time when there was a mistake with her attendance and she did not leave my office until her attendance was corrected. I appreciate that she made her attendance a serious priority.

My first interaction with Jamaica was on the first-day orientation. She approached me and said, “I know who you are, and I want to be in the Black Student Union.” I told her to sign up and I will get back to her in a few weeks after school starts. My response was not acceptable to Jamaica. She wanted detailed information about the events, meetings, bylaws, dates and times of events, etc. Then she proceeded to let me know what skills and knowledge she was going to bring to the club. At that moment, I knew that I was dealing with someone who is very ambitious. After things got settled with school and we scheduled our first meeting, Jamaica came to the meeting with such enthusiasm and I was in awe with her leadership and knowledge.

Jamaica is not afraid to “march to the beat of her own drum.” She’s not going to do anything that goes against her beliefs or principles. I am so thankful and blessed that I’ve met such greatness. Although our interactions were such a short moment, and I never had a chance to be your teacher, I want you to know that you left such a great impact on me. As you start your next journey – remain focused and steadfast. You are brilliant both inside and outside. I expect nothing but excellence from you. Once you achieve success, always reach back and help create a path for others so that they can attain their success. I congratulate you and celebrate with you!

I am so proud of you.

Until We Meet Again!

Much Love – Mrs. Ferg