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  • Celebrating Kelvaughn Miller

    Celebrating Kelvaughn Miller

  • Celebrating Catya Jones

    Celebrating Catya Jones

    Ms. Morris says: I cannot say enough positive things about Catya Jones.  She has been such a consistently positive asset to the classroom.  You can always count on her to have at the very least attempted her homework so that she is prepared with questions for the next day’s class.  She is such a conscientious…

  • Celebrating Hunter Davison-Harper

    Celebrating Hunter Davison-Harper

    Ms. Jackie says: When I think of the wonderful seniors of the class of 2020 who attend Urban Pathways Charter School, so many awesome students come to mind.  It is really difficult to single out one or two who have made my job and my day so much better, but I am inclined to do…

  • Celebrating Jevon Broughton

    Mr. Campbell says: Sometimes I get to have a student in my class for only one year. Sometimes I get to have a student in my class twice.  On rare occasions, I will get to have the same student three times in their high school career.   This can go two ways: This particular student…

  • Celebrating Vinae DiShawn Dent

    Celebrating Vinae DiShawn Dent

    Mr. Blondin says: Vinae, or as we know him, Dishawn, embodies two gifts that Fred Rogers tried to teach us all as children: empathy and kindness.  I remember my first day working at UPCS as a sub: I was nervous and not so sure I was cut out for this line of work.  I didn’t…

  • Celebrating Jalen Achilles

    Celebrating Jalen Achilles

    Mrs. Homich says: I can’t even imagine the hole that will be left in the heart of UP when Jalen leaves us for LaRoche. One of the things I love best about Jalen is her activist spirit and her willingness to stand up and speak out. We don’t always agree about what she is speaking…