Celebrating Hunter Davison-Harper

Ms. Jackie says:
When I think of the wonderful seniors of the class of 2020 who attend Urban Pathways Charter School, so many awesome students come to mind.  It is really difficult to single out one or two who have made my job and my day so much better, but I am inclined to do just that with two seniors in particular.  I speak of brothers Hunter and Stone Davidson Harper.
These two young men have faced much adversity in their young lives, but they have been able to overcome and move ahead. They continue to be polite, helpful, loving and happy.  Yes…happy!  Every morning as I stand in the cafeteria and welcome each student as they walk up the stairway, I see Hunter and Stone.  Never a morning goes by that they don’t stop to give me a hug, a high five or a smile to greet me and welcome me as well.  They understand the concept of the morning ritual of  “the welcome” and  how much it matters that something so small can bring about such big results.  Not only are they happy to be at school and to see me, but they make ME happy by seeing them and how they respond to my morning greeting.  Not everyone gets this concept or embraces it in the early morning for various reasons, but these two fine young men do.  It is refreshing to see each day.
I can tell you that not a day goes by that either Hunter or Stone don’t stop at my desk.  They tell me a joke, they make me laugh and if I seem down, they ask me if I am ok.  They will carry a box for me, they will find a student for me and they stop to check on me.  They are caring boys who understand the concept of being a family in our school environment, they understand the concept of teamwork and the concept of humor and how it can make a bad day so much better.  This to me, shows maturity and compassion on another level.  They understand kindness and diversity and because of these qualities I know in my heart that these two seniors will be just fine as they move forward in the world.  They will be able to move to a higher education and a career with ease because they understand the concept of working hard, doing it with kindness and humor as well as understanding the concept of treating people with respect as well as genuine caring ways. These qualities will be most beneficial in an adult life, from jobs to relationships to family. Kindness can go a long way.
It has been more than a pleasure to interact with Hunter and Tyler during their time at Urban Pathways.  To watch them grow and mature and to watch them navigate the path to their graduation and future plans has been a wonderful experience.  I will miss them and all of the laughs and conversations that we shared.
I wish them all of the success and happiness they deserve.
Go forward brave young men as you enter into a new and wonderful world that awaits you!  You got this!!
Best wishes always!