Celebrating Jevon Broughton

Mr. Campbell says:
Sometimes I get to have a student in my class for only one year. Sometimes I get to have a student in my class twice.  On rare occasions, I will get to have the same student three times in their high school career.   This can go two ways: This particular student and I will get along, and it is a wonderful experience for both of us as teachers and students.  Or this student and I may wish that we had not had so many classes together.  Mr. Broughton and I are in the third year of our teacher-pupil relationship, and I am thankfully overjoyed to have been his teacher for 75% of his Social Studies career.   He has brought energy, a positive attitude, and a sense of humor to my classroom. Jevon has always been a good student in Social Studies. I have enjoyed watching him grow from a 9th grader in American Civics (who frequently forgot his supplies) to a senior in my AP Human Geography class (who makes me laugh and provides me with work that has a unique, thought-provoking insight). I love to watch students interact in the hallways, and Mr. Broughton is no exception. Kids seem to gravitate to his locker in the morning.  They are all laughing, talking, and rehashing inside jokes.  Jevon seems to have fostered a good sense of fellowship among this group.  They all seem to get along well. I am sure this trait will serve him well in the future. I am not sure where life will lead Mr. Broughton, yet I am certain that his natural leadership and personality will serve him well.  I wish nothing but the best for him. I look forward to hearing about his successes in life and work.  I am sure that years from now at some company water cooler, there will be meetings run by Jevon that will foster the same goodwill among those working there.