Celebrating Catya Jones

Ms. Morris says:

I cannot say enough positive things about Catya Jones.  She has been such a consistently positive asset to the classroom.  You can always count on her to have at the very least attempted her homework so that she is prepared with questions for the next day’s class.  She is such a conscientious student always making sure to ask questions so that she can fully understand the content and never letting herself get behind on the material even if she has to miss a class.

Catya, thank you for always being such a positive individual and helping your peers.  Thank you also for always just taking everything in stride.  We all know this unforeseen switch to remote learning has thrown everyone for a loop, but you have probably dedicated yourself even more to your education, if that is even possible.  I (and I am sure I speak for the rest of your teachers) am so proud of how you have handled this change and just proves what we already knew to be true: no matter what is thrown at you in life, you will take the challenge and conquer it as if it was the smallest of obstacles.  Good luck in everything you do and you will be very missed at UPCS.