Three Ways to Continue Learning Over the Summer

School’s out and summer is in full swing and just because you’re not in a classroom all day doesn’t mean that you should stop learning!

Instead, take the time this summer to make the most of the countless opportunities you have to continue to grow and learn.

If you want to keep your brain fresh and push full-steam ahead on your individual pathway to success, take a look at these three ideas to continue learning over the summer.


Take time to read

One of the best parts about summer is that you have plenty of time to do what you love. And, if you love to read for enjoyment, these couple of months between the end of one school year and the start of another is the perfect time to read the books that you actually want to read.

Even if you devote just 15 to 30 minutes a day to read, you’ll reap the cognitive benefits of a better memory and improved concentration.


Practice creative writing

From essays to papers, you write a lot during the school year. And let’s face it, it’s not always fun to do. But, if you love to express yourself through written word, we encourage you to take up creative writing over the summer.

Exercise your creativity and let your imagination run free when your pen touches the paper or your fingers hit the keys on your keyboard.

The goal is to write what you want and however much you want!

Here’s a quick writing prompt to get you started: You woke up this morning with a superpower. What is it? How will you use it?


Focus on your strengths

Summer gives you the time and space to double down on your strengths.

If you’re good at basketball, spend time each day improving a different aspect of your game.

If you’re good at photography, grab your camera and start taking pictures.

If you’re good at graphic design, let your creativity flow and create something new every day.

We all have our strengths and the only way to improve is to put the necessary time and effort into developing our skills and seeing how far they can take us.

We encourage you to take these three ideas in stride to continue learning and growing this summer!





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