Senior Tribute – Victoria Evans

Ms. Conner says: I have known Victoria since she first started at the K-5 school in the third grade. I remember meeting her for the first time – a sweet, shy, quiet little girl who would soon be in my guided reading group. I remember her always doing her very best, always wanting to please her teachers, but every once in a while she would give me a bit of that attitude which I’ve come to love and respect. As she moved on to the 6-12 school, she would still visit K-5 occasionally to say hi, and then, once her baby sister started school, would pick her up at the end of the school day….still the quiet, kind young lady, with just a bit of attitude. I have watched her grow into a young woman with such promise for her future – still quiet and often a bit shy, but always with just enough attitude to let you know that she is there. I am so proud of the woman you have become, Victoria, and I know that you will continue to bring smiles to those around you, but with just a hint of attitude for good measure.