Senior Tribute – Shantel Collins

Mrs. Kelley says: Shantel has been a favorite student of mine since, surprisingly, before I even started working at UPCS. My earliest memory of her was when my husband Mr. Kelley, the UPCS Biology Teacher, came home after a field day event with the school. In case you didn’t know, he runs insanely fast and loves to challenge students to race, which they ultimately lose. However, not this glorious day! Apparently, some 9th grader named Shantel had just destroyed him in a 400 meter race. The following year I started working at UPCS. When I met Shantel, now a 10th grader, I high fived her for the ultimate take down. It’s a shared memory we like to constantly remind him of and will now forever live on since being posted in the everlasting depths of the internet. (You’re welcome Shantel!) To say Shantel is an amazing student is to say the least. In 11th grade, I was able to watch Shantel go from a struggling student who wanted to give in to the smallest obstacle, to someone who perseveres over any challenge that comes her way, no matter how large. In her final year as UPCS, Shantel has overcome, nay destroyed, the virtual learning obstacle just as she did that 400 meter race. I could not be more proud of Shantel Collins and everything she has accomplished! I cannot wait to see where the future takes her.