Senior Tribute – Nevaeh Grubb

Ms. Homich says: Nevaeh Grubb is a superstar. I have to admit that when I first met her, I wasn’t sure how to take her. She just takes up so much space with her big voice and her big personality and her big eyelashes! But Mr. Mike assured me that Nevaeh was someone who usually used her bigness in great ways, and I always take Mr. Mike at his word. Later that year Nevaeh and I got into some great conversations about music, and for me, it was a bond. (I think it was for her, too.) The next year I got to teach Nevaeh in my English class, and I was constantly impressed with her insight and her contributions. And now it’s her senior year, and I got to teach Nevaeh again! I am truly happy to have been able to spend the last two years with Nevaeh Grubb. I will be watching as she moves on to Robert Morris University and beyond, and I know she will do great big things in her future.