Celebrating Jada Griffin

Mrs. Homich says:
Jada Griffin has always been wise beyond her years. Most high school girls don’t take much notice of the adults around them unless they need something. Jada is someone that you can sit down with and have a substantive conversation about lack of representation for minorities in the media – her senior research topic. And because she’s Jada, she didn’t stop at the actors like many would. She knows well all of the behind-the-scenes decisions that go into those choices. If there aren’t diverse voices everywhere from the boardroom to the costume design, a piece of art is absolutely going to come up short. I had Jada first period the past two years, and I was happy to see her every single day. I knew that the class discussion would be elevated when Jada was present and prepared. Perhaps most importantly, Jada has been a foundational part of both our steelpan band and anime club throughout her seven years at Urban Pathways. There are other student leaders that tend to grab the spotlight, but make no mistake that Jada Griffin can hang with the best of them. I wish you the very best, always!