Celebrating Markisha Ferguson

Ms. Langer says:

Markisha –

You were a new addition to Urban Pathways last year, but what a great addition you were! I always appreciated how much hard work and effort you put into your class assignments and everything you do.  I love the “fight” that you have… When things get tough, you never quit or give up. You never let the switch to online school get in your way despite your dislike for technology. You never made one single excuse and took virtual learning like a champ! This is such a great quality to have and to use in your future.

I will never forget your laughter and that big, bright smile of yours!  In class and in the hallway,  you could always make me laugh or smile when you would break out with randomness or a joke. It always seemed to be at a time when it was needed the most!

I am so happy that you joined and finished your educational career at Urban Pathways with the class of 2020.  I wish you nothing but the best! Continue to work hard, fight for what you want, and smile each and every day.