Celebrating Veronique Lela

Mr. Parks says:

The first word that comes to mind when I think of Veronique is exuberance. Come rain, snow, or shine, the energy that Veronique brought to class was contagious. She would enter the room and her energy would be the force that pulled the rest of us out of our 8th block doldrums.

Verionique’s positive presence in class would make everyone, including a new-to-the-school teacher, comfortable — and I really appreciated that. Never one to shy away from discussion, Veronique would always contribute and made class the better for it. She also channeled her exuberance into group work, always willing to contribute to all members’ success. Even during this difficult time of COVID-19, it is always an uplifting experience to work with Veronique, and even the 2D of Zoom does nothing to stifle her 3D energy.

Veronique, I wish you all the best and success in the coming years. I am excited for all the lives that you will energize with your exuberance in the field of health care. Personality!