Celebrating Antwone Townsend

Ms. Langer says:


It’s been an absolute pleasure looping with you and your fellow classmates. I had the opportunity to watch you grow from a young, polite 9th grader into an even more respectful gentleman in the 12th grade. I remember you leaving and coming back to Urban Pathways on at least two different occasions, but I am very happy that you came back and stayed to finish your schooling at UP. You are one stand up individual and you should be proud of everything that you’ve accomplished.

I remember the first time that I saw just how creative you are. You made one of Mr. Dunn’s poetry Wednesdays come alive with your drawings. Your artistic ability is absolutely amazing and something that I will always remember about you. I not only appreciate your creativity, but I also appreciate your character. Your kindness is what sets you apart from the rest. Thank you for ALWAYS being pleasant, respectful, and polite to everyone that you encounter.

I hope that your future is as great as you are. You deserve nothing but success in all that you do. Use all of the talents that you have been given, stay focused, and don’t be afraid to speak up for what you believe and love.

Good luck and Congratulations, Antwone!