Celebrating Breonna Yates

Mrs. Ferguson says:
This is your moment, Bre. The moment you’ve been waiting for your entire life. I’m truly going to miss you. As I recollect about our first encounter, it was your first year of the 10th grade. You were shy and quiet until you got acclimated to the school and you made some friends, and that is when you started to come out of your shell.
You joined the Black Student Union and as time went on, I noticed that you were trying to find your role within the club. You humbly stood back and watched your peers take the lead that you knew you were capable of doing. As a Black Student Union member, everyone knows that I will ask you to speak or perform at different events. Whenever I would ask a member to take the lead, occasionally I was met with some hesitation due to nervousness and stage fright, but when I asked you, you were fearless. Fear did not exist with you, Bre. You accepted every opportunity with poise, confidence, and grace.
As long as I’ve been at Urban Pathways, I’ve never met a student that has been so eager and willing to take on any and every task that was presented. You are always open to speak, read, and perform in front of anyone no matter how big or small the crowd.
Bre, you are very special and bright. I believe you will be the best version of you. I want you to show the world the real Bre. I want everyone to see what I see in you because I see your inner gifts, and you are destined for greatness. As the late Dr. Rita Pierson said, “Every Student Deserves a Champion.” You have a natural gift that many wish they had.
I challenge you to use your voice to positively impact the world. Your voice is a powerful tool and your confidence will allow you to make your mark on this world.
Always remember, see yourself through your own eyes and love yourself through your own heart. Don’t worry about pleasing others and remain focused on your goals and gifts because you are destined to do great things.
I am so proud of you.
Until We Meet Again!
Much Love- Mrs.Ferg