Celebrating Tamya Troutman

Ms. Beck says:

I’ve known Tamya since her middle school years and have seen her grow into the young woman she is today. Not one word comes to mind to describe Tamya, but many do. She is strong, funny, emotional, driven and independent. Tamya is a force to be reckoned with. I’ve witnessed her challenging moments and other moments of her being a good friend and support for her classmates. She works hard and loves her family.

She cares about those in need and wants to make a difference in this world. She is also business-minded and goal driven. I believe all these qualities and characteristics that make up Tamya are going to lead her to an amazing future.

I am very proud of Tamya and who she is today. I am going to miss hearing, “Hey cutie girl!” in the halls and as she bursts in my office making her presence known. I’m going to miss her contagious upbeat energy. It’s hard not to laugh and smile with Tamya around. Her jokes and clever clapbacks are one of a kind.

Tamya, you will be missed at UPCS. I have no doubt of you achieving your goals and being successful in life. I believe in you and wherever your college journey leads to.