Senior Tribute – Vanisha Dunbar

Mr. Blondin says: 

Squiggles.  Her nickname is Squiggles. To this day, I don’t think I have ever heard the real reason why this was the nickname that stuck for her.  I like to imagine it is because she giggles when she laughs, and it makes her whole body squirm.  A squirm-giggle, or, Squiggle.  It is funny, because when she does this, you can’t help but giggle and squirm too – it is contagious, the squiggle.    Vanisha seems to have that effect on people – lightening them up a little bit – you can see it in every room she is in – the mood is always just a little bit lighter when Vanisha is around.  That is a special gift and we are all so thankful to have had it around, from time-to-time.  Some of the lightness in the room comes from knowing that Vanisha never seems to have an unkind word for anybody, and there is a comfort being around someone with such a quiet, kind demeanor.  I will always remember watching Vanisha hand drumming with Ms. Tracey, sheer joy on her face, squiggling away in rhythm, making the lightness of her being audible.  What a lovely thing to share with the world, Vanisha!  I hope you always make the rooms you enter a little bit lighter and that you continue to find joy in life’s simple, small gifts!  Follow the joy, Squiggles, and share it as you are so comfortable doing!  Good luck!