Senior Tribute – Elijah Miles

Mr. Claggett says: Elijah has been with Urban Pathways for some time now and has been the definition of exemplary student throughout his High School career. Elijah is a bright, pleasant, and respectful young man. Elijah is one of a select few who will always speak to you and ask how your day is, both in and out of school. I’ve enjoyed our conversations throughout the years as it pertained to family and just what was going on with you personally. I’m proud of how far you’ve come academically and as a young man and I know you will continue to quietly be a leader and pillar in your community for change. You have a lot to offer and are able to move rooms with your dialogue as evidenced by your speech at the JA Leadership Symposium at Laroche College. I didn’t have to think twice about wanting you to represent the school as part of the Student Advisory Board for the Shyne Committee. Elijah we will miss you. Your uncanny leadership qualities, your calm, yet confident demeanor, and of course your genuine concern and respect you have for adults is second to none. These qualities are very hard to come by, let alone be wrapped up into one awesome individual. Good luck in all you do sir and congratulations!