Senior Tribute – Darius Eyth

Mr. Damm says: I first met Darius during a sixth grade PSSA testing week. He was very quiet and shy. I didn’t see him again until he walked through the door to my Pathways class in ninth grade. Most ninth grade students are awkward, trying to fit in, and find out who they are. Not Darius, he was still quiet and shy but held strong opinions about anime, video games, superhero movies, and just about anything else. He had and still does have a passion for anime, video games, and superhero comics and movies.  He and I had some of the best conversations about these topics. He also has been very passionate about drawing. Through the last four years Darius has continued to grow and become his own person. His passions and convictions have gotten stronger. I am very proud to have been on his journey through High School. He will be greatly missed here at Urban Pathways, but wherever he goes they will benefit from his strong passions and convictions.