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Thank you for your interest in Urban Pathways Charter School!

Urban Pathways is a tuition-free public charter school located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh for students in grades 6 – 12.

We’ve proudly created a safe environment in an urban neighborhood for our students that gives them the space to build meaningful relationships with staff and peers, partake in activities that facilitate growth, and have access to the resources and opportunities they need to find their pathways to success.

Our students are treated as adults and with respect, so they feel empowered to be the best version themselves inside and outside the classroom.

If you are interested in applying to Urban Pathways, please review our frequently asked questions below.



When can I apply for the 2022-2023 school year?

Urban Pathways is currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year. If you’re ready to apply, click here.

What is the deadline for my application? 

The deadline for application submissions for the lottery is Tuesday, April 19, 2022. All applications received after this date will be added to the waiting list in the order they are received.

What if there are more applications than openings?

If there are more applications received by the lottery date than there is space at any given level, students will be selected in the following preference category order:

Siblings of enrolled students at the school who live in the Pittsburgh Public School District;

Students who live in the Pittsburgh Public School District;

Students who live elsewhere in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

If there are more students in a given preference category than there are slots remaining, a random drawing will be held. Students not selected in the lottery will be randomly placed on a numbered waiting list separated by preference category. Other students may be added to the end of the waiting list (in the appropriate preference category) at any time.


What happens on the lottery day?

A completed Urban Pathways application which is submitted on time to Urban Pathways is required for participation in the lottery. The lottery is conducted annually at the April Board Meeting and will include all applications received.

Each application received will be assigned a designated card with the student’s name on it. Beginning with sixth and proceeding to 12th grade, the cards will be placed in a container/bag and shaken. Each card will be individually drawn by a Board Trustee or a Board Designee. Each name will be read out loud and entered on a written list, kept by a second Board Trustee or Designee, who will record the student’s name and “seat number.” Each name drawn will be assigned a sequential number from one until all of the cards have been drawn for that grade.

In accordance with the Charter School’s Charter, as granted by the Pittsburgh Public School District, and pursuant to PA Charter School Law, preferences will be given as follows:

All students currently enrolled in the Charter School from the prior school year are exempted from the lottery process.

Siblings (defined as children having one common parent) of students enrolled at the Charter School from the prior school year are exempted from the lottery provided there is space available for the grade sought. Siblings must be Pittsburgh School District residents to be eligible for this preference. A sibling lottery will be held if there are more siblings than seats available in any grade.

Students who live in the Pittsburgh Public School District.

Students who live elsewhere in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Non-resident students’ per-pupil allotment must be paid by the district in which the non-resident student lives.


How will I get to and from school?

Because of our location in downtown Pittsburgh, Urban Pathways students have access to public transportation and are provided with a free Port Authority bus pass if they live in the Pittsburgh Public School District. Students are responsible for adhering to bus schedules to make sure that they arrive at school on time. Safety groups are available to make sure that our students safely arrive to and leave from school.


Is there a dress code at Urban Pathways?

Yes. Our students are required to wear polo or button-down shirts with collars. Middle school students must wear uniform shirts in the school’s colors: blue, black, white, or green. High school students may wear uniform shirts in any color.

Students must wear khaki dress pants. Colored denim, blue jeans, joggers or leggings are not permitted. Pants cannot have drawstrings at the waist, elastic at the ankles, rivets, or rips/tears.

High school students will be permitted to wear any color collared shirts and middle school students will be required to wear solid blue, black, white, or green polo shirts (long or short sleeve).

At Urban Pathways, we give our students the opportunity to take responsibility for creating their own individual pathway to success.