Deadline to Complete the 2020 Census is Quickly Approaching

Dear Families,

The deadline to complete the 2020 Census is Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020, and the Pennsylvania 2020 Census Complete Count Commission has asked us to remind families in our community to complete the Census before the deadline.

Challenges like those we are facing as a result of the pandemic, make an accurate count even more critical. Each year our communities receive $26.8 billion in federal funding that goes toward education, healthcare, housing, food assistance, and more. To support our communities, we need everyone living in Pennsylvania— every infant and child, every foreign and U.S. citizen – to be counted.

Completing the Census is safe and secure. Census answers can’t be used against an individual, and data security is managed by security experts operating at the highest levels. By law the U.S. Census Bureau cannot release any information that identifies individuals.

This year completing the Census is easier than ever. Residents can respond to the form by mail, by phone, or online. Additional resources can be found on Pennsylvania’s 2020 Census website.