Celebrating O’Sha Stanford

 Ms. Beck says:

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve told O’Sha how proud of her I am. If you knew who she was compared to who she is today, you would be proud too. I’ve seen O’Sha grow and mature and overcome all the drama and negativity she once easily engaged in. Today, she stands out as a leader and is willing to give advice to younger students she sees herself in. She recognizes them heading down that same path and shares her own experiences. I know O’Sha is interested in a career in business or maybe real estate, but I do hope she considers opportunities to be involved with youth and continues to be a mentor for young boys and girls.

O’Sha, I appreciate you always being respectful towards me. I thank you for your kindness and wanting to help. Although you’re not heading into news reporting like I always predicted due to your nosiness and knowing all the tea, I know you will be great at whatever you do. Again, I am proud of you and Congratulations!