Celebrating Achante Myles

Ms. Kastroll says:

I feel very honored to be writing this tribute for Achante! I came to UPCS as a new teacher in March and have been consistently impressed by Achante since first meeting her; from day one she has truly made me feel like a part of the Urban Pathways family! In addition to her wonderful singing voice, I remember during my first few days how much I enjoyed Achante’s participation in class and  sharing her beautifully written responses to her English IV prompts. I appreciate how sociable, direct, and confident Achante is. She has clear goals set for herself and is super determined to meet them. It has been an absolute joy to work with Achante towards helping her to meet her goals.

Achante, you are truly amazing and all of your outstanding qualities are going to serve you so well at LaRoche! I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to know you and am looking forward to hearing about all of the amazing things that you are going to do. Congratulations!