Celebrating Daquan Lucas

Mrs. (Clairise) Conley says:
When I think about Daquan, I think of compassion. Daquan has a caring soul that makes him
unique. I met Daquan when I met Quent’en. I was an AmeriCorps member and we bonded over
Three Days Grace and Anime. I just knew there was something special about Daquan. Daquan
always supported what I offered to the classroom and that meant the world to me. I am so
happy that I got the chance to see him become the outstanding leader that he is. I know that he
can do amazing things. I hope that he takes that leadership with him wherever he goes in doing
so, doors will open for him. Daquan is always asking me about the next step for Anime Club.
He is enthusiastic about the club and that helps me out! He did a lot of Steel Pan and is great at
it! He is able to silence a room when needed and he will ask other students to show kindness to
their teachers. He is able to gain the respect of his peers and that in itself is a gift. I have
noticed such an improvement in Daquan as he continued to lead our club. When a friend of his
is feeling low, he does what he can to pick them back up. He takes that worry with him. He is a
true friend. Daquan I know that the future can be scary and this time is overwhelming but I
wholeheartedly know you can do this. I am so proud of you! Now it is your turn to take pride in
your accomplishments and keep going, you’ve got this!