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  • Fetal Pig Dissection

    Fetal Pig Dissection

    Seniors in Anatomy class had the opportunity to dissect fetal pigs to identify organs and study its anatomy and how it relates to humans and other mammals. As per school policy students had the option to opt out of the dissection.

  • Quarter 3 2022-2023 Honor Roll

    Quarter 3 2022-2023 Honor Roll

    CEO List Bagby, De’Chele – 7Kondrat, Jenna – 8Rowdon, Jillian – 8Ewell, Breanna – 12Hill, Marcia – 12 High Honor Roll Alassani, Sharine – 6Beavers, Khemarr – 6Early, Christene – 6Harper, Tyree – 6Johnson, Azaria – 6Lightfoot, Peyton – 6Benjamin, Ta-Nyiah – 7Campbell, Breyonna – 7Brown, Trace – 8Horsley, Saniya – 8Navarro-Ware, Da’Shawn – 8Sewell,…

  • Careers Scavenger Hunt

    Careers Scavenger Hunt

    The 11th grade College and Career Readiness class got out into the community for a careers scavenger hunt. Students filled out a bingo card by talking to professionals about their businesses and careers downtown.

  • Pi Day

    Pi Day

    How many digits of Pi can you write from memory? Mrs. Gordon’s class accepts the challenge! Congratulations Relnique on getting to 100 digits!

  • The Big Read

    The Big Read

    The AP English classes will be hosting The Big Read on Monday, March 6th. The students will be reciting various poems all about the journey of finding one’s true identity. Our selections this year were hand selected and even written by our students. During their AP classes, students studied living and past poets, eventually researching poets that spoke…

  • MacBeth in Mrs. Kelley’s Class

    MacBeth in Mrs. Kelley’s Class

    Seniors are currently studying MacBeth in Mrs. Kelley’s class. Davion as Malcolm, King Duncan’s eldest son, symbolically crowns Raykwon as MacBeth after choosing to run away fearing a similar fate to his recently departed father King Duncan.