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  • Black History Month: Langston Hughes

    Black History Month: Langston Hughes

    Celebrated author Langston Hughes has more than 60 poetry, novels, non-fiction works, and plays to his name. His first published poem appeared in The Crisis, which was the official magazine of the NAACP. He was awarded 3 honorary doctorates in his lifetime. Langston Hughes, half-length portrait, facing left. , 1942. Photograph. https://www.loc.gov/item/2005687122/

  • Black History Month: National School Breakfast Program

    In 1968 the Black Panther Party created the Breakfast for Children program, serving a free breakfast to students before school each morning. The program was so successful that it became the impetus and model for the National School Breakfast Program. At Urban Pathways, all students receive a free breakfast and lunch daily through the Community…

  • Black History Month: N K Jemisin

    Black History Month: N K Jemisin

    Author Nora K Jemisin has written over 30 novels and short stories, winning 3 Hugo Awards. She holds a BS in psychology and a Master in Education. She uses her platform gained by writing compelling Afrofuturism works to speak out against racism in the science fiction community. Photo by photographer Laura Hanifin, copyright 2015. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/

  • Black History Month: LeVar Burton

    Black History Month: LeVar Burton

    LeVar Burton has been an actor and director for over 5 decades. He is known for Roots, Reading Rainbow, and Geordi La Forge on Star Trek, giving a well-rounded and nuanced portrayal of a main character with a disability. He is an advocate for children’s literacy and speaks out against banned books. Photo by Super…

  • Welcome to Black History Month

    Welcome to Black History Month

    Urban Pathways wants you to know about space pioneer Mae Jemison. Mae Jemison is a scientist, medical doctor, and astronaut. She was the first black woman to travel to space. She became the first astronaut to appear on Star Trek when LeVar Burton invited her to appear in an episode of the show. Public Domain…