Senior Tribute – Sharif Muzhimu

Mr. Mutschler says: I’ve had the pleasure of being Sharif’s mentor for his entire high school career and in that time I’ve gotten to know him pretty well. Sharif claims to support the football club PSG (ask him which team knocked PSG out of the Champions League in 2019, the correct answer is the vastly superior club Manchester United) and the dude loves his anime (almost to a fault). Sharif is hard working and dedicated to the things he thinks are important. There are a lot of great qualities about Sharif but I must say that the thing that I find the most admirable is his resilience. Sharif takes everything in stride and he never gets shook. Like water off a ducks back, Sharif rolls with whatever is thrown at him and keeps his positive mindset. I’ve seen his classmates try to shake his self-confidence countless times and without fail Sharif shrugs them off, keeps smiling, and goes about his business. I must say that I am truly jealous of this almost super-hero like ability. Sharif will go on to do great things and I am confident that he won’t feel any pressure while doing so.