Senior Tribute – Le’Aja Jefferson

Mr. Mutschler says: Le’Aja came to us too late. That’s really the only way to put it. I was very curious who this new 11th grade student was last year and she was such a pleasant surprise. It took Le’Aja about a week to figure me out. She had my sense of humor mastered in that time and to my great excitement she started sharing it with her classmates and me. Le’Aja is one of the funniest student’s I’ve ever had. She never passes up an opportunity to burn her classmates, deflect a joke onto another, or attempt to roast me. Just now, as I’m writing this Senior Tribute, she made a crack in the chat about my once great colony of hair. Le’Aja is such a dedicated, focused, and cerebral student. She constantly earned As in my classes while juggling a course load and her son with poise and grace. I’ll never forget Le’Aja telling her 11th grade US History students, “The work isn’t hard…if you do it!” with such a dry, saber like delivery that some of her classmates are still recovering over a year later. I’ll miss Le’Aja as a student and leader in my classes but I’ll miss her sense of humor even more. Le’Aja came to us too late but I’ll always cherish the time we had together.