Parental Guidelines for Diabetic Students of Urban Pathways 6-12 Charter School

The need for assistance with diabetes care will vary from student to student. Please make sure that all diabetic supplies are brought to school daily.

If a student does not have their diabetic supplies, they will be sent home to get them. Or a parent/guardian will need to bring in their diabetic equipment to school!

Parents, please make sure that your student has an emergency bag with extra diabetic supplies (needles, lancets, alcohol wipes etc), snacks and juice in case of an emergency to and from school.

All blood sugar results obtained during school hours will be sent to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh weekly.

If your student experiences a hypo/hyperglycemic episode, the school nurse will treat the student within the parameters of their doctor’s orders. If the school nurse is unable to effectively treat that student, Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh will be called to direct the nurse on what to do next. If CHP feels that a student cannot effectively be treated at school and needs to be admitted, 911 will be called and your student will be sent to the Children’s Hospital ER.

When sending a student to CHP, if a parent/guardian is unable to be reached, the student will get ready for transfer and a report will be provided for CHP and parents will be notified by the school nurse.

Students who refuse to check their blood sugar during the day cannot remain in school. Parent(s)/guardian will be notified and the student will be dismissed from school.

Students have the right to check their own blood sugar throughout the school day. All blood sugar results and insulin dosages must be reported to the school nurse. Students that have demonstrated that they have difficulty with self administration of glucose checks or insulin dosages will have their privileges revoked. They will have to check in with the nurse to perform glucose checks and insulin administration.

Urban Pathways 6-12 Charter School Thanks You For Your Cooperation.