Creating an Environment
of Empowerment

Urban Pathways is More Than Just a Charter School

The main focus at Urban Pathways is to keep our staff, students, and their families involved in the entire education process through graduation.

Pathways Class

At Urban Pathways, our students are paired with a staff member who becomes their mentor for our Pathways Class which is a mixture of homeroom, study hall, and guided learning.

Each day, students meet with their mentors to talk about assignments, school work, and life outside of Urban Pathways.

Our Pathways Class is just one example of how our staff builds and nurtures a family-like setting to form a sense of consistency and productivity in the lives of our students.



Learning Partnership Meetings

We hold Learning Partnership Meetings once per quarter to open and strengthen the lines of communication with our students and their families. 

During these meetings, our staff meets with parents to assess student progress, pinpoint areas of improvement, and give a general overview of the student’s performance at Urban Pathways.

Our Learning Partnership Meetings aim to keep parents in the loop on their child’s progress as they continue on their individual pathway to success.



Downtown Pittsburgh is our Classroom

We encourage our students to engage in the vibrant, urban community around us. Our centralized location in Downtown Pittsburgh places us in walking distance to the Heinz History Museum, the August Wilson Center, and Point State Park, where our staff takes our students for class when the weather permits.

We use the city around us as an extended classroom to give our students the opportunities form connections within the local community. Here are a few examples of how Urban Pathways actively participates in activities around the city:

World Kindness Day 2018

On November 13, Urban Pathways students took part in World Kindness Day activities around the city. World Kindness Day highlights the positivity that kindness can bring to a community. 










Reaching New Dreams & Recognizing Talents

Urban Pathways partnered with Reaching New Dreams & Recognizing Talents (RNDRT) a group that provides services that empower our youth. These young men visited our school and shared their inspirational message to “Be More” no matter what obstacles come their way.





African American Quiz Bowl

The African American Quiz Bowl is a competition that takes place at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC). 

Urban Pathways students competed against students from neighboring charter schools in a five-round, knowledge-based competition.

Students were asked questions from categories that focused on African American History such as:

  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Famous Figures
  • History
  • Science
  • Sports

Urban Pathways students Nature Askew, Zuriel Harris, Delores Jetter, and James Shaw proudly took home first place thanks to their hard work and dedication and guidance from their coach, Mrs. Ferguson.





Spelling Bee

Urban Pathways competed in a spelling bee at the Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC).

Students went head-to-head against local Pittsburgh charter schools like City High and Propel (Northside Bulldogs) to take home first place honors.



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