Celebrating Tim Peterson

Mr. Reevey says:
It is with great respect and confidence that I write this tribute for Tim Peterson. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim since he was a middle school student and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with him. I’ve watched him grow from an outgoing, confident youth into a resilient, mature young man. I can remember my first encounters with Tim being very pleasant and authentic.  I  knew he was a student I needed to connect with and develop a relationship with. Tim has always shown respect and appreciation to  myself and other staff members at the school for all that we do for him. Tim displays very strong leadership characteristics, and it is my hope that he’s able to continue to harness those skills to help him become very successful in his future endeavours after graduation. Beyond academics, Tim is a passionate, and loyal family man who puts the needs of his family and those he loves above his own. I have  faith in Tim’s abilities and skills, and have no doubt that when his passion, resilience and leadership all connect for him he will find his purpose in life and lead a long successful life.