Celebrating Mahogany Young

Mrs. Kelley says:
There are so many words that come to mind as I try to describe Mahogany Young. She is kind and treats all individuals with respect, even when no one else does. She is a student leader who can make any class discussion gain depth and become memorable. She is brave. She says what needs to be said, not what you want to hear. Finally, Mahogany is unforgettable. She is a stand out student who will continue to be a trailblazer in her future. I could go on and on about words that describe Mahogany, but alas, I only have a small paragraph. I am confident that in the future Mahogany will prove true everything I have said, and more. Mahogany, I felt so lucky to have you as a student. My hope for you is that your classroom be filled with students just as amazing as you! You are a bright student with a bright future. Best of luck out there Mahogany. Urban Pathways was lucky to have you as a student.