“Be Proactive” Poster Contest

Rules: Create a slogan that promotes how students can be proactive in the school environment. The 11 x 14 poster should have pictures, designs and neatly display a positive message.

Use  crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint or digital art.

Entries due: October 16th by 3:30 pm to Ms. Emily.

One gift card winner from each grade plus two overall grand prize winners.  

For posterboard, bring a rough copy of your design to Room 321.  One entry per student.

Examples of being proactive: Studying for an exam so you have the best chance of succeeding, coming to school early to be prepared for your day, asking for help when you are stuck rather than failing at a test, doing your homework/classwork; etc.  See Mr. Blondin or Ms. Conner  for more  ideas about how to be proactive.