Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a mandatory school wide program that is designed to help students who are having difficulties being successful in school. SAP is voluntary for students to participate in and is completely confidential. SAP helps students work through issues related to grief and loss, substance abuse, social and personal transitions/changes, academic struggles, irregular attendance, chronic disciplinary problems, etc. Students may be referred for SAP by teachers, parents, classmates, themselves, or any other concerned persons.

SAP consists of a team made up of teachers, counselors, school psychologist, principal, and others. The SAP team meets regularly to devise strategies of assistance for the students. Once a plan is organized and a case manager is designated, he/she will meet with the student and his/her family. Suggestions are made to help remove barriers to learning and open the way to a more successful social and academic life at school and in the community.  The UPCS Student Assistance Program partners with Turtle Creek Valley Mental Health in order to provide a SAP Liaison one day a week.  This liaison is able to complete screenings related to mental health and drug and alcohol concerns, as well as providing classroom and small group lessons on a variety of relevant social and emotional topics.

If you or someone you know is interested in this service please contact the UPCS SAP coordinator, Dr. Amy Matz, at ext. 260.