Parental Involvement

Each student will have a personal education plan. This plan will be designed collaboratively with discussion among parents (or other responsible adult), student, and the advising teacher. These plans will be revisited at least three times a year at face-to-face meetings that include the parent. Because we believe these meetings are so important, we have set aside six full days for these parent meetings through the course of the year. We expect these meetings to be substantive and unrushed.

Parents will be expected to volunteer at least 10 hours a year to the school. Parents have many talents that will make Urban Pathways a better place. We see a wide variety of roles that parents can fill — ranging from decorating the school to running clubs, from assisting with clerical work to hosting a student on an internship. The advising teacher and the student will develop strategies for involving the student's parents in the school as part of the personal education plan.