Learning Partnerships

Our mission and educational plan place a central focus on learning partnerships. These learning partnerships have two central aspects. First, we believe that a network of parent and community support must be in place to support the efforst of children and that it is the responsibility of the school to create that network for each student. Second, we believe that learning can and does happen outside the fours walls of school and that the school must be proactive in seeking partners in the community who can provide these opportunities for students.

Learning partnerships have the power to transform lives in a way that extends far beyond what a school can accomplish on its own. Urban Pathways affirms that building communities of hope and power to support each child is critical to the success of the school. Our school and our teachers are connected to the community. Parents and other supportive adults are an integral part of the design of a personal education plan for each student. And through partnerships with parents, businesses, service organizations, other educational agencies, and government, Urban Pathways becomes a hub for arranging learning experiences that go beyond the four walls of our building. Students, parents, community leaders and residents are powerful resources to the school in helping to fulfill the roles of learner, worker, decision-maker and teacher/leader. All educational experiences are designed to be part of an effort to increase student achievement and foster a more positive attitude toward school, family, and community.