Urban Excellence Through High Expectations and Meaningful Standards

Urban Pathways is committed to creating and sustaining the conditions that enable all urban learners to consistently achieve excellence and attain high proficiency in a wide range of academic disciplines. We affirm the need for all students to be held accountable for their own learning by means of a concise set of standards that ensure progress towards meaningful learning outcomes. Our standards will ensure that each student gains proficiency in core knowledge and academic skills, and that each student is challenged to pursue and appropriate degree of expertise in a range of academic disciplines. Students at our school do not have to guess at what is expected of them. We use recognized standards with validated assessments to measure achievement of core academic competencies. Each student has a personal education plan, which is routinely assessed in relation to his or her progress toward attainment of the prescribed objectives.

Clear Standards and Requirements

Urban Pathways is standards-driven. Every child knows what is expected, what proogress has been made, and wht remains to be achieved. Every graduate will have competency in core academic areas, a plan for what happens after graduation, and a developed network of community and family support that will encourage and demand success with that plan.

Multiple Learning Modalities

Students at Urban Pathways learn through a combination of individualized practice in basic skills, theme based courses, small group projects, and community-based shadowing and internship experiences. Computers and other learning technology are used to enhance all aspects of the educational program.